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# check for new/removed dependencies
# check for new/removed sub modules
## check if we should probably add some replaces
# recheck kde-meta
# review build logs
# review namcap logs
# check packages which are not part of KDE SC but depend on it
# check packages which depends on split libraries
#redirect [[ArchWiki:Archive]]
* kdeaccessibility-kmag (miss libkdeaccessibilityclient, it hasn't a stable release)
* kdebindings-kimono (miss soprano, nepomuk, akonadi bindings)
* kdebindings-kross (miss falcon)
* kdebindings-perlkde (miss akonadi)
* kdebindings-smokekde (miss akonadi)
* kdeedu-kig (miss boost-python?)
* kdeedu-kstars (miss xplanet)
* kdeedu-marble (miss libshp, quazip, qextserialport, libwlocate, it hasn't a stable release)
* kdenetwork-kopete (miss XMSS, libmeanwhile, msilbc)
==Todo / Notes==
===common tasks===
* change url to application homepage (e.g. http://kde.org/applications/utilities/ark/ or https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdemultimedia/libkcddb instead of just kde.org)
* check this Bug report: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=189465
* update [[KDE]] and [[KDE Packages]]
===packages to be removed===
===packages to move with KDE===
==Known issues==
If any problem occurs try a new user or (re)move ~/.kde4 /tmp/kde-* /var/tmp/kdecache-*
==Changes from 4.10==
===New packages===
* kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers
* kdesdk-thumbnailers
* kdeplasma-addons-runners-translator
===Removed packages===
* kdeplasma-addons-applets-kdeobservatory
===soname bump===
* libkipi.so.10 -> libkipi.so.11
==Broken packages which are not part of KDE SC==
* digikam (needs a rebuild)
* kipi-plugins (needs a rebuild)
* kphotoalbum (needs a rebuild)

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