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(packages to be removed)
(Removed packages)
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==Changes from 4.12==
==Changes from 4.12==
===Removed packages===
===Removed packages===
* nepomuk-core
* nepomuk-widgets
===New packages===
===New packages===
* kfilemetadata
* kfilemetadata

Revision as of 10:09, 8 March 2014



  1. check for new/removed dependencies
  2. check for new/removed sub modules
    1. check if we should probably add some replaces
  3. recheck kde-meta
  4. review build logs
  5. review namcap logs
  6. check packages which are not part of KDE SC but depend on it
  7. check packages which depends on split libraries


  • kdeaccessibility-kmag (miss libkdeaccessibilityclient, it hasn't a stable release)
  • kdebindings-kimono (miss soprano, nepomuk, akonadi bindings)
  • kdebindings-kross (miss falcon)
  • kdebindings-perlkde (miss akonadi)
  • kdebindings-smokekde (miss akonadi)
  • kdeedu-kig (miss boost-python?)
  • kdeedu-kstars (miss xplanet, astrometry)
  • kdeedu-marble (miss libshp, qextserialport, libwlocate, it hasn't a stable release)
  • kdenetwork-kopete (miss XMSS, libmeanwhile)

Todo / Notes

common tasks

packages to be removed

  • nepomuk-core
  • nepomuk-widgets
  • soprano
  • virtuoso
  • virtuoso-base

packages to move with KDE


Known issues

If any problem occurs try a new user or (re)move ~/.kde4 /tmp/kde-* /var/tmp/kdecache-*

  • Nepomuk does not work in application X: KDE SC 4.13 has been built without Nepomuk support.

Changes from 4.12

Removed packages

  • nepomuk-core
  • nepomuk-widgets

New packages

  • kfilemetadata
  • baloo
  • baloo-widgets
  • kdeedu-artikulate
  • kqtquickcharts

Broken packages which are not part of KDE SC