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Migration Procedure: Proposal

I'd like to get a discussion going here about the "proper procedure" for migrating large changes from Testing to Current

This document is not intended to point fingers, or place blame.

The following outline should be followed before moving major changes into current:

  • Clean your personal test machine back to the [current] package set
    • building with pacbuild will ensure dependenies are right - alexander
  • Reinstall [testing], verifying all steps are documented somewhere (ideally, the wiki)
  • Post a main page announcement, add announcement to the Announcements forum, with a link
  • Move packages ( possibly shut off rsync at first? not sure )
    • there's always a major strain on bandwidth when we turn it back on, maybe rsync mirrors or temporarily allow more bandwidth usage?

... discuss, change, whatever, as you see fit, I'm just trying to get things flowing here

- aaron