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  $ sudo makecrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-x86_64 -- -i
  $ sudo makechrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-x86_64 -- -i
next package
next package

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Creating and building packages

devtools 0.9.10 has build helpers that can be used.


This can be used to _create_ and build packages. Chroots are created in ~/chroots. To build packages that depends on each other should be use makechrootpkg directly.

$ extra-i686-build
$ testing-x86_64-build


$ linux32 sudo makecrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-i686 -- -i

next package

$ linux32 sudo makechrootpkg -r ~/chroot/extra-i686


$ sudo makechrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-x86_64 -- -i

next package

$ sudo makechrootpkg -r ~/chroot/extra-x86_64

Updating chroots

$ sudo chrootupdate


Add ~/.makepkg.conf with PACKAGER information
PACKAGER="Name <email>"

Connecting to sigurd or gerolde from alderaan

$ cat .ssh/config
  Host pkgbuild.com
    Hostname pkgbuild.com
    User youruser
    ForwardAgent yes