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Directories that must be used

All users should use only ~/packages for storing packages builds and ~/svn-packages. This directories are excluded from backups and all other directories are automatically backed up.

Creating chroots and building packages

Devtools 0.9.10 has build helpers that can be used.


This can be used to _create_ and build packages. Chroots are created by default in /var/tmp/archbuild. To build packages that depends on each other should be use makechrootpkg directly.

$ sudo extra-i686-build
$ sudo testing-x86_64-build


$ linux32 sudo makechrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-i686 -- -i

next package

$ linux32 sudo makechrootpkg -r ~/chroots/extra-i686


$ sudo makechrootpkg -cr ~/chroots/extra-x86_64 -- -i

next package

$ sudo makechrootpkg -r ~/chroots/extra-x86_64

Packager && Makeflags

Add ~/.makepkg.conf with PACKAGER information
PACKAGER="Name <email>"

Connecting to sigurd or gerolde from alderaan

On your local system add this:

$ cat .ssh/config
    User youruser
    ForwardAgent yes

Genereting rebuilding list when soname is bumped

$ sogrep <repo> <soname>
$ sogrep extra