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This page does not provide a traditional roadmap. Pacman releases are generally made after a major feature has been added and these get added in the order that patches are contributed.

Instead, this page provides a brief overview of major features being discussed for future inclusion in pacman. This does not represent a complete list of all areas of pacman development (or even areas currently being developed...). All discussion about pacman development should take place on the pacman-dev mailing list.

Potential Release Schedule

This is not a for sure list by any means. This is simply to keep the main development team focused on a given release and what needs to be polished before we can push a major version out the door.

Pacman 3.6.X

  • cURL as download library
  • Package Signing
  • Package/Transaction/File Hooks
  • Color output
  • sodepends

New Feature Ideas

Package Signing

Idea: Package signing would make pacman transactions more secure. See Pacman package signing for a more detailed description, as well as Package Signing Proposal for Pacman.

Flyspray: FS#5331

Development branch: Allan's gpg branch contains some initial development. See here for a brief TODO list.


Idea: Pacman should have hooks to perform common tasks. See here for a more detailed description.

Flyspray: FS#2985

Mailing List:,

Development branch: Not started

Optdepend Handling

Idea: Currently optdepends in pacman serve no purpose other than informational. It would be useful if these could be handled in a similar fashion to regular dependencies for many operations. See here for a more detailed description.

Flyspray: FS#12708

Development branch: Not started


Idea: Allow for automatic generation of depends and provides based on library versions included/linked in a package.

Flyspray: (None)

Mailing List:,

Development branch: Patches on ML.

Makepkg VCS packaging overhaul

Idea: The current handling of SCM PKGBUILDs in makepkg is a mess and needs many improvements. See here for a more detailed description.

Flyspray: (many - see above link)

Mailing List:,

Development branch: Not started

libcurl as internal downloader

Idea: Provide libcurl based download routines for the internal downloader.

Flyspray: (None)

Development branch: falconindy@github

Future Release Plans

See flyspray roadmap