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Repo Cleanup we cannot remove packages from core/base - we MUST find maintainers for ALL core packages!

Orphaned core Packages

atl2 b43-fwcutter bcm43xx-fwcutter ca-certificates orphaned accidentally? Pierre dmraid initscripts orphaned accidentally? Thomas klibc-kbd orphaned accidentally? Thomas linux-atm netcfg orphaned accidentally? James run-parts orphaned accidentally? Pierre sudo orphaned accidentally? Paul tiacx tiacx-firmware

Further candidates are those very old packages on the that won't build on both supported architecutres. Especially those very old packages in extra.

List of orphans that are not depends or makedepends of any packages in extra

Package Reason to remove it or Reason to keep it. Any comments, concerns, etc. apmd replaced by acpi (incorrect. needed for older machines) ipvsadm Description: The IP Virtual Server administration utility isapnptools ISA Plug-And-Play devices support: shopuld be kept speedtouch modem drivers, should be kept vconfig Description: VLAN configuration utility zebra Description: Manages IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols archlinux-themes-kde orphaned accidentally (x86_64)? Thayer digikam orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski hpoj orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski ivtv-utils orphaned accidentally? Paul Mattal libcaptury orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski nvidia-71xx orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski openswan-klips orphaned accidentally? Tom Killian opera x86_64 pkg. Daniel psi-i18n orphaned accidentally? Pierre soprano orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski strigi orphaned accidentally? Tobias Powalowski v86d orphaned accidentally? Thomas Baechler azureus bladeenc bonnie++ centerim d4x dvdbackup dvgrab frostwire handbrake nicotine nuvexport patchutils tin gtkglextmm scheduled to be moved to unsupported sharpconstruct scheduled to be moved to unsupported

New orphans (unsorted):

List of orphans that are currently a depends or makedepends of one or more packages

Package Potential maintainers/assignement audiofile esd + arts + dopewars + tuxtypes + tuxracer + normalize + terminatorx + ecasound + ... cdtool tcdr Damir Perisa dbh xfce-utils, libxfcegui4 Tobias Kieslich exiv2 orphaned accidentally? Tobias Kieslich fam kdelibs smb4k gnome-vfs thunar snd bmpx kaffeine passepartout courier-maildrop netdude samba courier-imap courier-mta ffcall clisp Aaron Griffin gdome2 gmetadom Orphan giblib gozer Jürgen Hötzel + scrot Aaron Griffin + feh Alexander Baldeck + came Alexander Baldeck gmetadom gtkmathview Aaron Griffin gnash-common gnash-gtk Andreas Radke + gnash-kde Andreas Radke gperf hal Jan de Groot + openoffice-base-devel Andreas Radke gtkglarea guile-gtk Jürgen Hötzel + python-vpython Jürgen Hötzel intel-dri xf86-video-i810 Alexander Baldeck + xf86-video-intel Alexander Baldeck jade gtk-doc Jan de Groot+ opensp orphan + muse Damir Perisa libcddb libcdio Damir Perisa libdca gnash-common orphan + gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins Jan de Groot + mplayer Thomas Baechler + vlc Tobias Kieslich libdvbpsi4 vlc Tobias Kieslich libgnomedb gtk-sharp orphan + abiword-plugins Aaron Griffin libidn kdelibs + elinks + jabberd + loudmouth + msmtp + tin libiec61883 dvgrab kino gstreamer0.10-dv1394 libieee1284 sane Tobias Powalowski libmp4v2 amarok-base easytag faac gtkpod tunepimp libnjb njb-sharp orphan + amarok-base Damir Perisa libshout mpd ices gstreamer0.10-shout2 libsigsegv clisp maxima libvncserver Tobias Powalowski libx11 orphaned accidentally? Alexander Baldeck libx86 ddcxinfo-arch Damir Perisa libxv orphaned accidentally? Alexander Baldeck libzrtpcpp twinkle twinkle-kdefree Jeff Mickey link-grammar abiword-plugins Aaron Griffin lirc xine-ui Aaron Griffin lirc-utils rhythmbox totem totem-xine audacious-plugins kradio mplayer mythtv lirc* mesa orphaned accidentally? Alexander Baldeck mkbootcd archboot Tobias Powalowski mkpxelinux archboot Tobias Powalowski mksyslinux archboot Tobias Powalowski mozilla-common flashplugin mplayer-plugin firefox seamonkey thunderbird nasm dgen-sdl + flac + lame + lzo + mythdvd + pcsx-df + sdl + snes9x + syslinux + transcode + x264 + xvidcore netkit-rsh xorg-xsm Alexander Baldeck njb-sharp banshee Jan de Groot obex-data-server bluez-gnome Roman Kyrylych openslp cups ypbind-mt ypserv kdenetwork opensp epiphany-extensions Jan de Groot perl-mime-types Kevin Piche : please adopt it via dashboard perl-string-shellquote mp32ogg Damir Perisa perl-text-iconv Damir perl-xml-twig Damir perl-yaml sdl_perl Alexander Baldeck psiconv gnumeric abiword-plugins Aaron Griffin pyrex python-pyspi Orphan beryl-settings-bindings Thomas Baechler python-elementtree python-gdata Jan de Groot python-mpd sonata James Rayner redland soprano orphan smplayer smplayer-themes Aaron Griffin sox graveman Aaron Griffin + k3b Damir Perisa + tcdr Damir Perisa + terminatorx Alexander Baldeck sqlite2 python-pysqlite-legacy Aaron Griffin syslinux archboot Tobias Powalowski + mkbootcd + mkpxelinux + mksyslinux unixodbc qt libgda php myodbc swi-prolog wv beagle Varun Acharya + abiword Aaron Griffin