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* mirror management
* mirror management
People on the [http://www.archlinux.org/developers/ developers] page that have not filled this out yet:
People on the [https://www.archlinux.org/developers/ developers] page that have not filled this out yet:

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This is a list of developers and what they work on:

Allan McRae

  • toolchain + related packages
  • a lot more from core
  • makepkg/pacman

Jan de Groot

  • Xorg + official drivers + mesa
  • GStreamer
  • Xulrunner + Firefox

Daniel Isenmann

  • complete MONO stack
  • monodevelop
  • windowmaker
  • 3 or 4 more smaller packages

Vesa Kaihlavirta

  • Haskell
  • Erlang
  • 5ish small packages
  • Willing to take openjdk amongst other things.

Giovanni Scafora

  • abiword + related packages
  • VLC + related packages
  • k9copy/dvdrip/dvdauthor
  • some packages that cannot be grouped
  • pacman translations
  • AUR Italian translation
  • adminstration, programming etc. of archlinux.it

François Charette

  • TeX Live
  • Perl

Ionuț MirceaB

  • Telepathy framework + related packages
  • Empathy/gajim/pidgin(+some plugins)
  • x264/ffmpeg/mplayer/smpalyer
  • networkmanager plugins
  • deluge + related packages
  • lib32 packages
  • some packages that cannot be grouped

Ronald van Haren

  • Scientific related packages
  • koffice and other kde related packages
  • quite a few packages that can't be grouped
  • networkmanager plugins
  • some backend coding for a build service but seems D.Griffiths is now ahead for me

Andrea Scarpino

  • KDE SC
  • Qt
  • srcpac maintainer
  • planet maintainer

Paul Mattal

  • postgres, postfix, spamassassin, cron, etc.
  • bug fixing / un-sticking
  • archweb (if I manage to find more time after the first two to help Dan)

Dale Blount

  • Physical server maintenance
  • Would like to help with the "tiered mirroring" design and setup.
  • Not much else lately, haven't had a bunch of time.

Aaron Griffin (Take this all with a grain of salt, as my freetime is rare as hell right now)

  • dbscripts/devtools
  • bash and related (though Allan has been doing most of it)
  • releases and archiso
  • external contact (press, legal, etc)
  • donations

Dieter Plaetinck

  • release media
  • AIF

Thomas Bächler

  • mkinitcpio
  • initscripts
  • archiso
  • core wireless packages as well as a few general networking packages
  • kernel26 (tpowa does most of it, helping out when he can't)
  • a few extra packages
  • maintenance on gerolde and gudrun

Pierre Schmitz

  • KDE SC and dependencies
  • Qt
  • QtCurve-*
  • php-*
  • chromium
  • arora
  • psi
  • zlib, openssl, ca-certificates etc.
  • pkgstats and its results
  • adminstration, programming etc. of archlinux.de
  • MirrorStatistics
  • maintenance of archlinux mediawiki
  • maintenance of gudrun (al.org web server)

Eric Bélanger

  • LVM2
  • Misc. CLI utilities in [core]
  • DE and related (fvwm, fluxbox, enlightenment, icewm)
  • wxgtk/wxpython, gtk/glib (version 1)
  • Graphics (imagemagick, gimp-devel and related, geeqie, ...)
  • Audio-Video (xine, audacity, avidemux, mutagen, quodlibet, timidity++, xmms, ...)
  • Libraries (libwmf, libtiff, jasper, faad2, flac, freeglut, ...)
  • Network (curl, rsync, liferea, xchat, ...)
  • System (xscreensaver, lm_sensors, net-snmp, ...)
  • Other misc. packages: games, scientific, utilities, etc.
  • dbscripts/devtools (sourceballs scripts in particuliar)
  • Occasional update or bug fix to orphaned packages

Dan McGee

  • pacman (oh how I wish I had more time...)
  • archweb
  • random sysadmin/operations tasks on all three servers + stats site
  • a handful of packages I use heavily (pacman, mirrorlist, git, etc.)
  • development assistance with other projects

Jürgen Hötzel

  • LXDE
  • Emacs
  • Scheme/Lisp packages

TobiasP aka tpowa

  • kernel26 and kernel26-lts
  • mostly all binary modules for kernels like nvidia and so on.
  • udev
  • mkinitcpio
  • initscripts
  • freenx
  • some kde apps like k3b,digikam,kipi-plugins
  • archboot + hwdetect
  • archboot releases

AndreasR / AndyRTR

  • OpenOffice + deps
  • OpenJDK
  • Xfce
  • Nouveau driver
  • AMD/Ati driver
  • Printing packages (cups/ghostscript/foomatic/gutenprint)
  • introduced LTS kernel
  • nano,sqlite3,libgcrypt,man-db+pages in core
  • webkit, midori
  • dovecot, getmail + other minor stuff and deps

Roman Kyrylych

  • initscripts (esp. the "mount time in the future" bug, and bonding stuff)
  • flyspray (putting our modifications in the git repo)
  • more things planned, but makes no sense to list them here until the above 3 items done

Kevin Piché

  • Perl
  • Bind
  • Squid
  • Other miscellaneous packages

Jakob Wadsager

  • mirror management

People on the developers page that have not filled this out yet:

  • TobiasK