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The Big Idea Page

This page is for generating a collection of ideas that would improve Arch Linux. It will allow us to assess areas in which we can improve and whether we need more "staff" to move forward.


Moving the bug tracker to Bugzilla would have many advantages (see also FS#24999):

  • It is more well maintained upstream than Flyspray
  • Bugs could be handled via email
  • ...

Florian has a script that will convert our bug database into Bugzilla format. Currently no-one is interested in maintaining the install.

Moving repository management to git

Using git instead of SVN is not really the primary goal, although it is a nice bonus. We also gain other stuff (split packages with different architectures, debug package repos, ...) Florian has made great advances in this realm. User:Bluewind/dbscripts-rewrite

Signing database files

Our package security would be improved by signing repository databases. This requires working with upstream GPG developers to allow signing of files over ssh.

Auto rebuild script

Simplfing package rebuilds.

rebuildpkg pkg1 pkg2 pkg3

Orphan packages

There are LOTS of these. Any common themes that would be worth recruiting a new packager for?

Datacenter software

Maintain software used in datacenters in the repo for easier installation? (ceph, puppet, nagios, ...)

Delta packages in repos

pacman already supports delta packages, but repo scripts don't generate the necessary delta files. See: Deltup; Feature request (now closed).