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Packages with old install file syntax

All are fixed in SVN trunk but many packages still require a rebuild. Generate list with: grep -R 'op=\$1' * | cut -f1 -d"/"


Packages that can be converted to arch=any

List thanks to Gerardo ( Care needs to be taken as some packages in the original list contained references to the arch in their scripts (e.g. pacman-mirrorlist, abs)

[extra] (95 pkgs, about 880M per arch)
boo                            1776.00    K
gecko-sharp-2.0                180.00     K
gettext-mono                   40.00      K
maxima                         88800.00   K
mono-basic                     2520.00    K
mono-tools                     3488.00    K
mono-zeroconf                  300.00     K
smplayer-themes                5228.00    K
taglib-sharp                   464.00     K
usermin                        25752.00   K
webmin                         73344.00   K
windowmaker-extra              580.00     K
xsp                            1812.00    K

(can not convert as from split packages - repo management scripts limitation)


foomatic-db                    48224.00   K
foomatic-db-nonfree            8917.00    K
gconfmm-docs                   960.00     K
glibmm-docs                    15396.00   K
gtkmm-docs                     50104.00   K
kdeartwork-aurorae             132.00     K
kdeartwork-colorschemes        56.00      K
kdeartwork-desktopthemes       1656.00    K
kdeartwork-emoticons           688.00     K
kdeartwork-iconthemes          26364.00   K
kdeartwork-sounds              1504.00    K
kdeartwork-wallpapers          78676.00   K
kdeartwork-weatherwallpapers   7728.00    K
kdesdk-kdepalettes             28.00      K
kdesdk-kprofilemethod          16.00      K
koffice-karbon-doc             40.00      K
koffice-kchart-doc             416.00     K
koffice-kexi-doc               256.00     K
koffice-kpresenter-doc         1456.00    K
koffice-kspread-doc            676.00     K
koffice-pics                   788.00     K
koffice-servicetypes           40.00      K
koffice-templates              64.00      K
koffice-thesaurus-doc          44.00      K
libsigc++-docs                 10836.00   K
libxml++-docs                  1960.00    K
pangomm-docs                   3340.00    K
ruby-docs                      281180.00  K
xorg-server-common             188.00     K
xorg-server-devel              1520.00    K

Packages with leading /'s for paths in their .install files

TODO: generate list...

Packages greater than two years old



For reference, the following lists have been completed:

  • Packages without the arch in their file name
  • Packages containing a .FILELIST file
  • Packages depending on gcc
  • Packages with files in /usr/man
  • Packages with uncompressed man pages
  • Packages with uncompressed info pages
  • Packages in [core] needing more deps to run their install files
  • Packages removed from base group