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This article is intended as a sandbox of ideas for the Arch Linux website. Feel free to add suggestions and any thoughts you might have about how the Arch Linux website can be improved.

This article is part of the DeveloperWiki.

Ideas and Suggestions

Reorganize link structure

Reorganize the website link hierarchy, such as proposed in DeveloperWiki:Website Hierarchy Proposal


Implement an OpenID-like identity system for the official Arch Linux websites.

  • If we could integrate login/pass throughout AUR, Wiki, Forums, and Bugs this way ... well I'm afraid I'd get a bit moist. :)

Developer/Fellows profiles

Condense the developer profiles pages, reducing photo sizes and dropping relatively unimportant fields such as: Favourite Distros, Year of Birth, Interests, Other Contacts, etc.

  • I don't like this idea. I like any distro that has a soul and flavor to it. Sterile "strictly-business" design and community should be left to the Wall Street distros.

Navbar for internal Arch sites

Look at the feasibility of creating a unified navbar that would sit at the top of all Arch community sites (bbs.archlinux, wiki.archlinux, etc.), providing an exact copy of the main website hierarchy via drop-down menus (using CSS of course).

Embed Ads by Google into content

Consider placing the Ads by Google inside actual page content (or at least below the navigation) and removing it from the header entirely.

The ads have been removed some time ago due to Google having issues with Arch violating the terms of service or something. -- Karol 15:13, 27 November 2011 (EST)