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How to build release iso's/img's


Bleeding edge archiso (needed for 2009.01)

Packaged archiso (after new archiso release which is planned after 2009-01 iso release)

  • pacman -Sy archiso'


  • cd ../configs/install-iso
  • sudo make all-iso (or ftp-iso, or core-iso)

unanswered questions: 1) any specific requirements on /etc/pacman.conf? (related to settings/available repos?) 2) how do you build iso's with only core or with core+testing available? by just (un)commenting testing from /etc/pacman.conf? 3) assuming that the relevant repositories are frozen, if I build an iso on my system, and someone else builds the iso on his system, will the iso's match perfectly? (eg same md5sums) I think it would be useful in the future we build locally first and test it, and then instead of uploading to gerolde, we can just rebuild it there?