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Introduction to the Release Engineering testimages feedback application

The Releng testimages feedback web application allows anyone to submit feedback after attempting an installation using any of the releng automatically generated images.

The idea is that users report successes and failures using these images, clearly mentioning the characteristics of the installation (used options, media used, etc). By collecting all this information it is possible to generate an overview of the quality of recent images. When sufficient positive feedback is available (i.e. success reports for all options of the most recent image(s)) this is a sign for release engineers that an autobuild can be promoted to official media. By leveraging community feedback, less extra testing is needed, so it will cost less time to make new official releases and will hopefully increase the frequency of official releases. Of course, users should play nice and perform the testing and feedback steps properly, in order for this system to work properly. Either way, feedback will be reviewed and will not completely replace releng testing.

How to report

  • download an releng automatic build.
  • use it to (attempt to) perform an installation
  • report the installation feedback on the submission page, marking the options/features you used (all of them, even if some failed and some succeeded).
  • carefully inspect the resulting system to check it matches expectations. Specific pointers for things to check can appear for specific parts on the feedback submission page, if anything failed during the installation, or something's wrong with the installed system, do not mark the "success" field.
  • this application does not replace a bugtracker. If you found specific bugs, search if a bug is filed already, and if not, file a new one. Don't forget to run /arch/report-issues. you can link to the bugs in the comments field.