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#REDIRECT [[Network Configuration#Dynamic IP address]]
[[Category:Daemons and system services]]
{{Stub|Could be deleted. [[Network#Dynamic_IP_address]] provides all this info.}}
{{Out of date|This article still references rc.conf, which has been deprecated.}}
Dhcpcd is not [[Dhcpd]]
In rc.conf, if you configure your interface to use dhcp, like this:
''dhcpcd'' will be started automatically from the ''network'' script found in /etc/rc.d and configured in /etc/rc.conf in the DAEMONS array
You can run to check it out for yourself
ps -ax
  710 ?        Ss    0:00 dhcpcd -q eth0
So, you don't need to add ''dhcpcd'' daemon
== Configuration ==
=== Prevent dhcpcd to change /etc/resolv.conf ===
just add a line in ''/etc/dhcpcd.conf''
nohook resolv.conf

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