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dhcpd is the Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server


# pacman -S dhcpd


Directly connecting another computer

Note: The process described is untested

Read if you are directly connecting your Arch computer to another host (e.g. over ethernet), and want the other computer to have its IP automatically assigned.

Assign an IPv4 address to the interface you want to use (usually Template:Codeline). The first 3 bytes of this address cannot be exactly the same as those of another interface.

# ifconfig eth0 # arbitrary address

The default dhcpd.conf contains many uncommented examples, so relocate it

# mv /etc/dhcpd.conf /etc/dhcpd.conf.example

Edit Template:Filename to contain

subnet netmask {

Start the daemon

# /etc/rc.d/

Now, any computer you connect over ethernet will be assigned an IPv4 address ( in this example).


You will see configuration files, etc. related to Template:Codeline. This is the DHCP client executable and has nothing to do with Template:Codeline.