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== Troubleshooting ==
== Troubleshooting ==
=== Video playback ===
{{Merge|KDE#Phonon|Not specific to digikam, see also [[Help:Style#Official packages]]}}
A [[KDE#Phonon|Phonon backend]] is installed as a dependency of Digikam, but matching multimedia codecs may be missing. When using the {{Pkg|phonon-qt4-gstreamer}} backend, install one or more of its plugins with {{ic|pacman -S gstreamer0.10-{good,bad,ugly,ffmpeg} }}.
=== Unreadable tool tips ===
=== Unreadable tool tips ===

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Digikam is a KDE-based image organizer with built-in editing features via a plugin architecture.


Install digikam. Optionally, install kdemultimedia-mplayerthumbs[broken link: package not found] to generate thumbnails for video files.

Gnome Installations

Additionally, in order to allow icons to work (no missing icons) correctly for gnome desktop environment you must install the KDE icons and theme as below with the qt5 settings program.

Install oxygen oxygen-icons qt5ct

Once installed you must edit (or create if you do not have one) your ~/.profile to export the appropriate Environmental Variable:


After editing the profile logout and back in run qt5ct in the terminal. Select Style: Oxygen under the Appearance tab and Oxygen under the Icon Theme tab. Press apply and then OK to save your changes.

After this you can run digikam as normal and the icons will be correct.


Unreadable tool tips

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Notes: This is a general issue with Qt applications (Discuss in Talk:Digikam#)

If tooltips within the user interface are either blank (empty rectangles), or unreadable due to a poor foreground and background combination, choose a different widget style:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Configure digiKam > Miscellaneous
  2. Now in Widget Style, choose "Cleanlooks"

This will have a simple, readable white text on black background in the tool tip.