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  • You can completely disable the PC speaker module at startup by adding !pcspkr to the MODULES array in /etc/rc.conf:
MODULES=( ... !pcspkr ... )
  • If lsmod | grep snd-pcsp returns something, add !snd-pcsp:
MODULES=( ... !snd-pcsp ... )

In this forum thread, it's recommended to add both to your /etc/rc.conf.


In X

$ xset -b

You can add this command to a startup file, such as ~/.xinitrc, to disable it every time X starts.

In Console

$ setterm -blength 0

Similarly you can add it to ~/.bashrc.

  • Another way is to add this line to ~/.inputrc:
set bell-style none

Using ALSA

  • Try muting the PC Speaker:
$ amixer set 'PC Speaker' 0% mute

For certain sound cards, it is the PC Beep:

$ amixer set 'PC Beep' 0% mute

You can also use alsamixer for a console GUI

$ alsamixer

Scroll to PC beep and press 'M' to mute. Save your alsa settings:

# alsactl store

In order for this method to work, you must add alsa to the list of daemons in /etc/rc.conf

Have a look at these man pages for further information: xset(1), setterm(1), readline(3)

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