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[[Category:Boot process]]
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[[es:Disable clearing of boot messages]]
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After the boot process, the screen is cleared and the login prompt appears, leaving users unable to read init output and error messages. This default behavior may be modified using methods outlined in this article.
Note that regardless of the chosen option, kernel messages can be displayed for inspection after booting by using {{ic|dmesg}} or all logs from the current boot with {{ic|journalctl -b}}.
== Using flow control ==
This is basic management that applies to most terminal emulators, including virtual consoles (vc):
* Press {{ic|Ctrl+S}} to pause the output
* And {{ic|Ctrl+Q}} to resume it
{{Note|This pauses not only the output, but also programs which try to print to the terminal, since they'll block on the write() calls for as long as the output is paused. If your ''init'' appears frozen, make sure the system console is not paused.}}

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