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The [https://discordapp.com/ official app]:
The [https://discordapp.com/ official app]:
* {{AUR|discord}}, built by Arch Linux
* {{AUR|discord}}
Third-party clients:
Third-party clients:

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Notes: No content apart from a few AUR packages and a "privacy" link in nearly a year (Discuss in Talk:Discord#)

Discord is a proprietary all-in-one voice and text chat application, cross-platform chat application, especially tailored for gamers. Based on the Electron platform.

Before installing, one should be aware of the privacy implications.


You can use one of following methods in order to use Discord in Arch:

Graphical clients

The official app:

Third-party clients:

Command-line clients

There are more CLI-based third-party clients out there hosted on places like GitHub (such as Discline or terminal-discord), although only Cordless is currently packaged on the AUR.

Chat client plugins