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== Processing images ==
== Processing images ==
You can use the {{Pkg|scantailor}} to:
You can use {{Pkg|scantailor}} to:
* fix orientation
* fix orientation
* split pages
* split pages

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Notes: please use the first argument of the template to provide more detailed indications. (Discuss in Talk:Djvu#)

Convert djvu to images

Break Djvu into separate pages:

 djvmcvt -i input.djvu /path/to/out/dir output-index.djvu

Convert Djvu pages into images:

 ddjvu --format=tiff page.djvu page.tiff

Convert Djvu pages into PDF:

 ddjvu --format=pdf inputfile.djvu ouputfile.pdf

You can also use --page to export specific pages:

 ddjvu --format=tiff --page=1-10 input.djvu output.tiff

this will convert pages from 1 to 10 into one tiff file.

Processing images

You can use scantailor to:

  • fix orientation
  • split pages
  • deskew
  • crop
  • adjust margins

Make djvu from images

There is a useful script img2djvu-git.

 img2djvu -d600 -v1 ./out

it will create 600dpi out.djvu from all files in ./out directory.