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Configuring mkinitcpio

When encrypting a system it is necessary to regenerate the initial ramdisk after properly configuring mkinitcpio. Depending on the particular scenarios, a subset of the following hooks will have to be enabled:

  • encrypt: always needed when encrypting the root partition, or a partition that needs to be mounted before root; it must come before the filesystems hook; it is not needed in all the other cases, as system initialization scripts like /etc/crypttab take care of unencrypting any other partitions.
  • shutdown: ensures controlled unmounting during system shutdown.
  • keymap: provides support for foreign keymaps for typing encryption passwords; it must come before the encrypt hook.
  • keyboard: needed to make USB keyboards work in early userspace.
    • usbinput: deprecated, but can be given a try in case keyboard does not work.

Other hooks needed should be clear from other manual steps followed during the installation of the system.

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In /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, you may want to add dm_mod and the filesystem types used to MODULES, e.g: MODULES="dm_mod ext4".