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(PHP configuration: Dotclear supports mysqli.so (mysql.so is deprecated))
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[[Category:Web server]]
{{stub|The most important part - how to install it - is missing ...}}
= Introduction =
This document describes how to set up the dotclear open source blogging engine on an Arch Linux system.
= Before You Install =
{{Note|This howto assumes you have a LAMP already setup and ready to go. If you haven't set one up yet, see [[LAMP]].}}
= Installation =
== PHP configuration ==
Make sure the following extensions are uncommented in {{ic|/etc/php/php.ini}}:
== Prepare MySQL Database ==
You need to create a dotclear database for the blog to write stuff to. One can choose '''dotclear2''' for the db name, '''dotclear''' for the username, and '''dotclearpass''' for the password. Assuming you've already accessed your mysql install and set a root password:
{{hc|$ mysql -u root -p|2=
mysql> CREATE DATABASE dotclear2;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON dotclear2.* TO "dotclear2"@"localhost" IDENTIFIED BY "dotclearpass";
mysql> QUIT;
== Install dotclear==

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