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! [http://code.gtmanfred.com/cgit/dotfiles.git/tree/?h=tower gtmanfred]
! [http://code.gtmanfred.com/cgit/dotfiles.git/tree/?h=tower gtmanfred]
| zsh || dwm || vim || rxvt-unicode || || || conky || mutt || weechat
| zsh || dwm || vim || termite-git || tmux || mpd || conky || mutt || weechat
! [https://bitbucket.org/jasonwryan/eeepc/src jasonwryan]
! [https://bitbucket.org/jasonwryan/eeepc/src jasonwryan]

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This article collects links to many user repositories containing custom configuration files.


Author Shell WM / DE Editor Terminal Multiplexer Audio Monitor Mail IRC
brisbin33 zsh xmonad vim rxvt-unicode ncmpcpp conky mutt irssi
falconindy bash i3 vim rxvt-unicode ncmpcpp conky mutt
graysky bash xfce4 vim terminal ncmpcpp custom thunderbird
gtmanfred zsh dwm vim termite-git tmux mpd conky mutt weechat
jasonwryan bash dwm vim rxvt-unicode ncmpcpp mutt weechat
meskarune bash conky weechat
OK100 bash dwm vim rxvt-unicode cmus conky, dzen mutt weechat
unexist zsh subtle vim rxvt-unicode ncmpcpp mutt irssi
vodik zsh xmonad vim termite tmux ncmpcpp custom mutt weechat
Wintervenom bash herbstluftwm vim rxvt-unicode screen mpd (mpc-utils) hlwm-dzen2 mutt weechat
wolfcore bash dwm vim rxvt-unicode tmux cmus custom weechat
xfausto zsh dwm vim st ncmpcpp conky
zendeavor zsh i3 vim rxvt-unicode tmux ncmpcpp i3status weechat

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