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  • Q: I just ran pacman -Syu and package XYZ was upgraded to version N from version M. This package is causing problems on my computer, how can I downgrade from version N to the older version M?
    • A: There is not yet support for rolling back packages in pacman itself. You can only install the latest and greatest packages. This is an effect of Arch's rolling release system.

You may be able to downgrade the package trivially by visiting /var/cache/pacman/pkg on your system and seeing if the older version of the package is stored there. (If you haven't run pacman -Scc recently, it should be there). If the package is there, you can install that version using pacman -U pkgname-olderpkgver.pkg.tar.gz

You can check these links for older version:

If the package is not located there, you will need to compile the older version yourself. To do this you will need a PKGBUILD for the file; you could edit the existing PKGBUILD provided by ABS to use older sources, or you can visit and search for the package you wish to downgrade. Once you find it, click "View CVS entries" and select a diff with a previous revision( ie: for the revision you are interested in). If you use a "side by side" diff, you can copy and paste the entire PKGBUILD into a file and build it with makepkg. See ABS - the Arch Build System for more informaiton.