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Install package dwarffortress from official repositories.

Dwarf Therapist

Dwarf Therapist is an almost essential mod to tune dwarvish behaviour (makes life a lot easier). For it to work on current kernels you will need to disable a kernel security feature, since dwarf therapist directly accesses and modifies the memory of a running dwarf fortress instance. This setting is called kernel.yama.ptrace_scope and defaults to 1. You need to set it to 0 for dwarf therapist to work:

# sysctl -w kernel.yama.ptrace_scope=0

and then

# sysctl -w kernel.yama.ptrace_scope=1

when you're done playing and have closed dwarf fortress and dwarf therapist.

For more information see sysctl.

Note: You should not set this to 0 in /etc/sysctl.d/ by default since it is a valid security feature! It is best to set it manually whenever you play dwarf fortress and reset it back to 1 when you are done playing.

Alternatively, you can just give that permission to dwarftherapist:

# setcap cap_sys_ptrace=eip /usr/bin/dwarftherapist