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ELinksis an advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web (HTTP/FTP/..) browser. ELinks can render both frames and tables, is highly customizable and can be extended via Lua or Guile scripts. It features tabs and some support for CSS.


elinks is available from the official repositories.


Start elinks with


or, if you want to start a specific website:

elinks foo.bar.org

Some basic keys are

g Open URL-dialog
t Open new tab
> Change tab
c Close current tab
Esc Show toolbar


ELinks is capable of using external programs for various tasks, one of them is showing pictures. The %-sign is handled as filename (or URL).

set mime.extension.jpg="image/jpeg"
set mime.extension.jpeg="image/jpeg"
set mime.extension.png="image/png"
set mime.extension.gif="image/gif"
set mime.extension.bmp="image/bmp"

set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix.ask = 1
set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix-xwin.ask = 0
set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix.block = 1
set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix-xwin.block = 0 
set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix.program = "ADDYOURTERMINALPICTUREVIEWERHERE %"
set mime.handler.image_viewer.unix-xwin.program = "ADDYOURXPICTUREVIEWERHERE %"

set mime.type.image.jpg = "image_viewer"
set mime.type.image.jpeg = "image_viewer"
set mime.type.image.png = "image_viewer"
set mime.type.image.gif = "image_viewer"
set mime.type.image.bmp = "image_viewer"

Using ELinks with Tor

ELinks does not support SOCKS directly, so alternatives are to either invoke ELinks thus torify elinks or install privoxy from the official repositories and use it for forwarding to Tor's SOCKS proxy, first by adding the following line to your /etc/privoxy/config:

forward-socks5 / localhost:9050 .

Restart privoxy.service and then entering the following lines to your ~/.elinks/elinks.conf:

set protocol.http.proxy.host = ""
set protocol.https.proxy.host = ""
Note: The above assumes that Tor is using port 9050 and that privoxy is listening on port 8118


Passing Youtube-links through external player

Basic scripting and CSS