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Esd is a sound daemon. It's used by gnome to play system sounds on certain events - like login, logout, etc.

There is one built with alsa support(the normal one) and an additional built with oss support in the AUR:

Starting ESD

There's not much to setup apart from adding esd to the DAEMONS line in /etc/rc.conf like this:

DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network netfs crond alsa esd mpd hal fam gdm cups)


-Is esd hogging your sound device and you can't uninstall it since gnome requires it to install/build?


esdctl off

in a startup file(like .xinitrc, or use gnome-session, kde....)

problem solved!

to see if anything is hogging your sound devices run fuser as root or sudo.

sudo fuser /dev/snd/*


sudo fuser /dev/sound/*


kris|~$ sudo fuser /dev/sound/*
/dev/sound/mixer:     3504

Then you can use

ps auxw|grep 3504

for example, to see what is hogging the device.