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echinus is a simple and lightweight tiling and floating window manager for X11. Started as a dwm fork with easier configuration, echinus became full-featured reparenting window manager with EWMH support.


echinus is in AUR. You might also want to install ourico, a lightweight EWMH taskbar, originally designed for echinus (also in AUR), and dmenu.

After successfully installing, copy all files from Template:Filename to Template:Filename.


echinus is configured in one simple text file, in Xresources format: Template:Filename. Details for all of the configuration options are in Template:Filename. A section of a sample config file looks like:

Echinus*selected.border: #404040
Echinus*selected.button: #d3d7cf
Echinus* #262626
Echinus*selected.fg: #d3d7cf


Rules can be set up to spawn applications in specific tags. The following rule, for example, would open firefox in the first tag:

Echinus*rule0: firefox.* web 0 1

Opening applications in a terminal requires that you explicitly set the -title tag when spawning them so that echinus can manage them:

Echinus*spawn0: CA + m = urxvtc -title mutt -e mutt

Similarly, when spawning dmenu, you will need to declare the requisite properties, like so:

Echinus*spawn1: Menu = dmenu_run -fn "-*-dina-medium-r-*-*-*-100-*-*-*-*-*-*" -nb "#1A1A1A" -nf "#696969" -sb "#1A1A1A" -sf "#D3D7Cf"

Using echinus

After making changes to Template:Filename, you can reload the config without recompiling by restarting echinus, with Template:Keypress + Template:Keypress + Template:Keypress.

Further details for manipulating windows are in the manpage and the Template:Filename.

Panels & Pagers

echinus supports some parts of EWMH - the following are known to work: