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Installing Eclipse

It is very easy to install the Eclipse SDK in Arch Linux:

# pacman -Sy eclipse

If you want to use eclipse for C/C++ programming also install eclipse-cdt

# pacman -S eclipse-cdt

Subversion support

There's packages in AUR for enabling Subversion support.


# aurbuild -s eclipse-subclipse

Take a look at for more information about Subclipse.


# aurbuild -s eclipse-subversive

Enable javadoc integration

Want to see API entries when hovering the mouse pointer over standard Java methods?

1. Go to Window/Preferences, then go to Java/Installed JREs. 2. There should be one named "java" with the type "Standard VM". Select this and click Edit. 3. Select the /opt/java/jre/lib/rt.jar item under "JRE system libraries:", then click "Javadoc Location...". 4. Enter:

in the "Javadoc location path:" text field. 5. Done!