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The Emerald Window Decorator is a custom window decorator shipped with Compiz Fusion that allows for theming and full composite window decorations with the use of engines. Emerald allows for all sorts of different configurations and layouts of buttons, look, title bars and frames. Emerald Window Decorator is completely independent of any desktop, and you specify your own themes to use for it. The Decoration plugin must be enabled in order for Emerald Window Decorator to function.


Install Emerald

Emerald can be installed from community.

# pacman -S emerald

Emerald Theme Installation

# pacman -S emerald-themes


Launching Emerald

This will replace your current window decorator.

# emerald --replace

Launching Emerald Theme Manager

This opens a GUI for managing themes.

# emerald-theme-manager

Additional Resources

  • [1] - Emerald package at Arch website
  • [2] - Emerald Theme Manager package at Arch website
  • [3] - Official website (Compiz)
  • [4] - Emerald wiki page (Compiz wiki)
  • [5] - Emerald Theme Manager wiki page (Compiz wiki)
  • [6] - Additional themes