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* Ethumb – Thumbnail generation library
* Ethumb – Thumbnail generation library
* Elementary – Widget set
* Elementary – Widget set
==== Programs Developed with these libraries ====
* Eclair – Media Player
* Elicit – Colour picker and desktop magnifier
* Embrace – Mail Application
* Itask (formerly Engage) – Mac-like dockbar
* Entice – Image viewer
* Entrance – E17 Login Manager
* Entropy – Engine for file-browsing
* Ephoto – Sophisticated image viewing
* ERSS – For displaying RSS feeds
* Evidence – File Manager
* Exhibit – Yet another image viewer
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Enlightenment is a project to provide 'advanced graphic libraries, tools and environments'.

The Enlightenment project is split into 3 parts:

  • Enlightenment DR16, The original release of the enlightenment window manager.
  • Enlightenment DR17, The new replacement window manager for DR16.
  • Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, An expansion for extra libraries not part of the other two sections.

Enlightenment DR16

Enlightenment, Development Release 16 was first released in 2000, and went 1.0 in 2009. It is still under development today, regularly updated by its maintainer Kim 'kwo' Woelders. With compositing, shadows and transparencies, E DR16 kept all of the speed but with up to date refinement.

To install E16

Simply run

# pacman -S enlightenment

E can be quite different from the other WM's out there, read /usr/share/doc/e16/e16.html after installation to learn more The man page is at 'man e16' , not 'man enlightenment', and only gives startup options.

(The name Enlightenment supposedly is reserved for the time the main project reach 1.0 - the current 16 and 17 are actually 0.16 and 0.17, as their DR names suggest.)

Basic Configuration

Most everything in E DR16 resides in ~/.e16 and is text-based, editable at will. That includes the Menus too.

Shortcut keys can be either modified by hand, or with the e16keyedit software provided as source on the sourceforge page of the e16 project, or from the AUR.

Background images

You have to copy the desired wallpapers into ~/.e16/backgrounds/

MMB or RMB anywhere on the desktop will give access to the settings, select /Desktop/Backgrounds/

Any new item copied there will get the list auto-updated. Select desired wallpaper from drop-down menu. In side the apropriate tabs in the global e16 settings you can adjust things like tiling of the background image, filling screen and such.

Start/Restart/Stop Scripts

Create a Init , Start and Stop folders in your ~/.e16 folder: any .sh script found there will either be executed at Startup (from Init folder), at each Restart (from Start folder), or at Shutdown (from Stop folder); provided you allowed it trough the MMB / settings / session / <enable scripts> button and made them executable with chmod +x yourscript.sh.


Shadows, Transparent effects et all can be found in MMB or RMB /Settings, under Composite .

Enlightenment DR17

  • Main article: e17

Under Heavy development, constantly changing in SVN. Releases are available in the [Extra] repository for easy installation and compatibility with the different parts.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

A set of libraries for expansion on the enlightenment base.

Libraries & What they are for

  • Imlib(2) – Image rendering and Manipulation LIBrary.
  • Eina – Core data structure library
  • EET – Distrobution (Distribution) Container Libraries and Tools
  • Evas – Canvas Library
  • Ecore – For event abstraction and Modular Convenience
  • Edje – Interface Abstraction Library & Tools
  • E_Dbus – Dbus wrapping and glue layer library
  • Efreet –Standards handling for freedesktop.org standards
  • Embryo – The embeddable scripting language for E
  • Eeze – Device abstraction library
  • Eio – Async I/O library
  • Emotion – Video smart-object library for Evas
  • Ethumb – Thumbnail generation library
  • Elementary – Widget set

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