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Enlightenment is a project to provide 'advanced graphic libraries, tools and environments'.

The Enlightenment project is split into 3 parts:

  • Enlightenment DR16, The original release of the enlightenment window manager.
  • Enlightenment DR17, The new replacement window manager for DR16.
  • Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, An expansion for extra libraries not part of the other two sections.

Enlightenment DR16

Enlightenment, Development Release 16 was first released in 2000, and its most recent release was in 2003. It is said to be still under development today.

To install E16

Simply run 'pacman -S enlightenment'.

Enlightenment DR17

  • Main article: e17

Under Heavy development, constantly changing in CVS. Snapshots have been taken for the Arch Community Repositories, for easy installation and compatibility with the different parts.

Also included in the E17 Section

  • Entice - Image Viewer.
  • Entrance - the Enlightement Desktop Manager.
  • Evidence - Enlightened file manager.
  • ERSS - For RSS feeds
  • Eplayer - The Enlightened media player.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

A set of libraries for expansion on the enlightenment base.

Libraries & What they are for

  • Imlib(2) - Image rendering and Manipulation LIBrary.
  • EDB - E DataBase wrapper
  • EET - Distrobution Container Libraries and Tools
  • Evas - Canvas Library
  • Ecore - For event abstraction and Modular Convenience
  • Epeg - For thumbnailing JPEGs
  • Epsilon - Freedesktop.org thumbnaiing library
  • Etox - Text Layout and Manipulation
  • Edje - Interface Abstraction Library & Tools
  • Embryo - The embeddable scripting language for E
  • EWL - Enlightenment Widget Library
  • Emotion - Video smart-object library for Evas

Programs Developed with these libraries

  • Eclair - Media Player
  • Elicit - Colour picker and desktop magnifier
  • Embrace - Mail Application
  • Engage - Mac-like dockbar
  • Entice - Image viewer
  • Entrance - E17 Login Manager
  • Entropy - Engine for file-browsing
  • Ephoto - Sophisticated image viewing
  • ERSS - For displaying RSS feeds
  • Evidence - File Manager
  • Exhibit - Yet another image viewer

External Links

Enlightenment Homepage E17 Portal E17 User Guide EFL User Guide