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'''ePSXe is now in [[AUR]] [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=10745 here]. Manual installation as described below is no longer needed. Please skip ahead to [[Epsxe_playstation_emulator#Configuration|Configuration]].'''
Many plugins can also be found on AUR [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?K=epsxe-plugin here].
===Installation from AUR===
Install [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=10745 epsxe] from the [[AUR]]
'''Using yaourt'''
Many plugins can also be found on AUR [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?K=epsxe-plugin here].
  yaourt -S epsxe epsxe-launcher-python epsxe-plugin-gpu-mesagl epsxe-plugin-gpu-xgl2 epsxe-plugin-padjoy epsxe-plugin-spu-alsa
Build and install the above packages.
  cd /path/to/your/build/dir
  wget http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/epsxe/epsxe.tar.gz 
  tar -zxvf epsxe.tar.gz
  cd epsxe
I recommend '''really''' to install the launcher package - it takes much work from you. :)
Start epsxe with the lauchner (located in /usr/bin/), it creates .epsxe in your home and links to epsxe.
Start epsxe with the lauchner (located in /usr/bin/), it creates .epsxe in your home and links to epsxe.

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This is a guide to install the freeware Playstation emulator ePSXe. It is based on this guide, which is a bit outdated.

Warning: The installation and use of this emulator requires a Sony PlayStation BIOS file. You may not use such a file to play games in a PSX emulator if you do not own a Sony PlayStation, Sony PSOne or Sony PlayStation 2 console. Owning the BIOS image without owning the actual console is a violation of copyright law. You have been warned.


Install epsxe from the AUR

Many plugins can also be found on AUR here.

Start epsxe with the lauchner (located in /usr/bin/), it creates .epsxe in your home and links to epsxe.


  • In the menu, open "Config -> BIOS", and set it to /usr/share/epsxe/bios/SCPH1001.BIN
  • Open "Config -> Video", and select either "Pete's XGL2 Driver 2.7" or "P.E.Op.S. Softx Driver 1.17". Click configure, then OK to write a config file. Verify that it is working by clicking the Test button.
  • In "Config -> Sound" select "P.E.Op.S. OSS Audio Driver", Configure, OK. Verify with the Test button.
  • In Config -> CDROM, set the path to your CD/DVD-ROM. In most cases it should be /dev/cdrom but in some /dev/hdc. You can check your path by typing "mount |grep cd" in a console.
  • In Config -> Game Pad -> Pad 1 menu, you can set up the controls.

Now you should be all set.

If you want to use an original PSX CD-ROM, insert it and select "File -> Run CDROM" It might take a while for the game to load, so be patient.

You can load backup ISO:s from your hard disk with "File -> Run ISO.

When you are running your game you can press Esc any time to exit, save/load game states, or change discs. To get back, select Run -> Continue.

Problems and Workarounds

Plugins are not listed

Sometimes epsxe will not recognize your plugins even though they may be correctly installed. They should be installed to /opt/epsxe/cfg and /opt/epsxe/plugins a solution to this is to run epsxe once (if you have not already) and the file "epsxerc" will be generated in ~/.epsxe open it and it will list plugins. They may say "DISABLED" or list a plugin that dose not exist (such as libgpu.so or libspu.so) simply change the string to the plugin you have in your /opt/epsxe/plugins folder. Run epsxe and it should be working.

NOTE: If your are running epsxe from a 32bit chroot you will need install nvidia-utils (pacman -S nvidia-utils) to the chroot enviorment to use the xgl2 plugin.

File not found

Sometimes the symlinks in ~./epsxe will not let you run the epsxe executable even if the permission are correct and the link is working. You may simply copy the epsxe executable from /opt/epsxe to ~/.epsxe this can also be done for any other files or folders whose symlinks are not working correctly.

Possible errors on a 64bit System "epsxe: error while loading shared libraries: libncurses.so.5: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64." Install it to solve the problem: yaourt -S lib32-gtk lib32-ncurses lib32-Xt lib32-zlib lib32-libgl lib32-xdamage

Mostly "wrong ELF class" means it tries to load 64 bit libs with a 32bit binary, install the lib32-* packages according to the error.

Settings will not be saved

It's a similar problem like not listed plugins. I recommend to install the epsxe-launcher-python package, it creates the directories for epsxe in your home too.