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{{Move|eID card|Shared instructions amongst different eID cards (card readers, pcsc), different mostly in middleware and browser plugins. Merge with [[Belgian eID card reader]].}}
Packages to enable Estonian ID-card support are available from the [[Arch User Repository]]. This article explains how to install the official software versions by AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus.
== Quick install ==
1. Install {{Pkg|pcsclite}} from the [[official repositories]] and {{AUR|chrome-token-signing}}, {{AUR|qdigidoc}} and {{AUR|qesteidutil}} from the [[AUR]].
2. Enable {{ic|pcscd.socket}} [[systemd#Using units|using systemd]].
{{AUR|chrome-token-signing}} package contains [https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Native_messaging Native Messaging] host for Google Chrome/Chromium and Firefox and it is the modern way of doing authentication and digital signatures on the web.
For Google Chrome and Chromium you also will probably want to run [https://github.com/open-eid/linux-installer/blob/master/esteid-update-nssdb esteid-update-nssdb] script that enables TLS client authentication the the browser.
== Browser plugin (web authentication & digital signatures) ==
The browser plugin AUR package is called {{AUR|esteidfirefoxplugin}}, which also requires dependencies {{AUR|esteidpkcs11loader}} and {{AUR|esteidcerts}}{{Broken package link|{{aur-mirror|esteidcerts}}}}.
It also requires you to run the PCSC daemon, which can be installed with {{Pkg|pcsclite}} from the [[official repositories]].
Make it auto-start on demand by enabling {{ic|pcscd.socket}} [[systemd#Using units|using systemd]].
Don't forget to restart Firefox after finishing.
== ID-card and Digidoc utilities ==
The ID-card utility packages are {{AUR|qesteidutil}} and {{AUR|qdigidoc}}, with dependencies {{AUR|esteidcerts}}{{Broken package link|{{aur-mirror|esteidcerts}}}}, {{AUR|libdigidoc}} and {{AUR|libdigidocpp}}.
These applications will automatically appear in your application menus. You can also start from command line with <tt>qdigidocclient</tt> and <tt>qesteidutil</tt>.

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