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[[Category:Desktop environments]]
#REDIRECT [[Desktop Environment#List of desktop environments]]
{{Merge|Desktop Environment|Étoilé is in early development stage, and not usable currently.}}
From [http://www.etoileos.com Étoilé webpage]
: ''Étoilé is a user environment designed from the ground up around the things people do with computers: create, collaborate,and learn.''
Without implementation details like files and operating-system processes polluting the computer's UI, Étoilé users will be able to:
* have revision history for all objects in the system
* collaborate with other people on any type of document (text, drawing, code, etc.)
* shape their own workflow by combining the provided Services
* use a system that is closer to their mental model of how computers should work
* Étoilé is open-source (MIT/BSD licensed) and built on GNUstep - it will be portable to most operating systems.
== Installation ==
Currently Étoilé is available in the [[AUR]].
* {{AUR|etoile}} - "Stable" version.
* {{AUR|etoile-svn}} - "Trunk" (Unstable) version.
== Configuration ==
Currently the installation script, also called ''setup.sh'', is not very mature and can cause problems if used in Arch Linux, because packages are installed in {{ic|/usr}} not {{ic|/usr/local}} (the script assumes that you have installed it there) so you have to manually adjust the script.

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