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About Étoilé

From Étoilé webpage

Étoilé is a user environment designed from the ground up around the things people do with computers: create, collaborate,and learn.

Without implementation details like files and operating-system processes polluting the computer's UI, Étoilé users will be able to:

  • have revision history for all objects in the system
  • collaborate with other people on any type of document (text, drawing, code, etc.)
  • shape their own workflow by combining the provided Services
  • use a system that is closer to their mental model of how computers should work
  • Étoilé is open-source (MIT/BSD licensed) and built on GNUstep - it will be portable to most operating systems.

Obtaining Étoilé

Currently Étoilé is avaliable in AUR

Configuring Étoilé

Currently the installation script, also called "", is not very mature and can cause problems if used in Arch Linux, because packages are installed in /usr not /usr/local (the script assumes that you have installed it there) so you have to manually adjust the script.