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Evolution is a GNOME mail client it supports IMAP, Microsoft Exchange Server and Novell GroupWise. It also has a calender function that supports vcal,csv, google calendar and many more. You can also organise your contacts, tasks and memo's with Evolution. The beatifull thing about evolution is that it's easy in use and integrates with the gnome enviroment. You can see your calendar, tasks and location in the GNOME panel also the weather and date. Just add the clock to your gnome panel.


Evolution is available from the standard repositories: #pacman -S evolution

Support for exchange servers:

  1. pacman -S evolution-exchange

IMAP Setup

This is the setup for a standard IMAP mail adress. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts. Add a mail account insert your Name and real email adress. Then click 'forward' here you are going to select the server type, this is IMAP. Now fill in the textbox server, for the server adress and username. For the rest of the options just follow the wizard. It is very easy, if you get stuck read this guide [1].


Setting up gmail for evolution is very easy. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts and make a mail account. For your Email Adress: <username> . Now press forward Use this configuration Server type: POP Server: Username: <username> Use Secure Connecetion: SSL encryption Authenthication Type: password

Now go to the next step:

Optionally fill in automatically check for new mail every ** minutes. The rest is user specific.

Go to the next Step

Server type: SMTP Server: Flag: server requires authentication Use Secure Connection: SSL Fill in Username: <username>

You are now finished with configuring evolution for gmail. Just hit Send/ Receive in the main screen and wait for new mail. If it still didn't work, go to this link [2]

Gmail Calendar

You can use your gmail calendar in evolution here's how:

Go to your calendar in your browser. Click on manage calendars -> the click on the calendar you want to add -> In the Private URL section copy the URL of ICAL (green button).

Now go to Evolution. Click on file -> new -> calendar . In the 'new calendar dialog box' select type: On The Web. You can fill in your own calendar name Then Copy the URL to the URL field

Now you will see your google calendar in your calendar view in Evolution by the name you gave it in the Name field.


Gnome Evolution Guide