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Exaile is a music player utilizing the GTK+ toolkit. Features include:

  • Retrieval of album art, lyrics, artist/album information (via Wikipedia), and guitar tabs (via fretplay.com)
  • Tabbed playlists
  • iPod Support
  • Last.fm support
  • SHOUTcast directory browser
  • Track blacklisting


Exaile is available in Arch's community repository. To enable the community repository, it must be uncommented in /etc/pacman.conf

# Add your preferred servers here, they will be used first
 Include = /etc/pacman.d/community

Exaile can then be installed using Pacman

Pacman -Sy exaile

Enabling cover art, lyrics, and guitar tablature

While installing Exaile via Pacman will also install any needed runtime dependencies, two additional packages (gnome-python-extras & libgtkhtml) will be needed to enable the cover art, lyrics, guitar tablature, and wiki features of Exaile.

Pacman -Sy gnome-python-extras libgtkhtml


Exaile 0.2.9 Album Art

On May 18th, 2007 Amazon has updated their ECS API to 4.0. Exaile fetches album art from Amazon and this update has cause the inability of Exaile <=0.2.9 to retrieve album art. A patch which restores the ability to fetch album art from Amazon has been provided on Exaile's website with instructions on how to apply the patch. This issue has already been addressed in Exaile's SVN.