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Q: How can I get my Extra Keyboard Keys to work?

A:There are many ways to get Extra Keys to work. Keytouch as been the easiest that I have seen.


  • Extract it
  1. tar -xzf keytouch.tar.gz
  • CD to exracted dir
  1. cd keytouch
  • Run makepkg
  1. makepkg
  • Install Package Using Pacman
  1. pacman -U keytouch-2.0.1-3.pkg.tar.gz

Make Keyboard File

  • Make sure you have evdev loaded (you should not need to do this if you using the stock kernel)
  1. modprobe evdev (as root)
  • If you keyboard is listed skip the next few steps
  • We are going to need to make a keyboard file which is very simple

Usage: keytouch-editor /dev/input/eventX output-file

  1. keytouch-editor /dev/input/event0 mykeyboardconfig

Follow the steps. You can find the correct keycodes from here: http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/keytouch_editor/node7.html

    • Note a keycode can only be used once in the config file

This file is still being edited