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Сначала прочитайте [[Путь Arch]путь ArchLinux], про ArchLinux и Devland. Все три статьи содержат достаточный набор информации об ArchLinux.

Q) I am a complete Linux beginner. Should I use Arch?

A) This question has had much debate. Arch is targeted at more advanced Linux users, but some people feel "Arch is a good place to start". If you are a beginner and want to use Arch, just be warned that you MUST be willing to learn. Before asking any question, do your own independent research by googling, searching the Wiki, and searching the forum (and reading past FAQs). If you do that, you should be fine. Also know that many people do not want to answer the same basic questions over and over, so you are exposing yourself to that environment. There is a reason these resources were created/made available to you. You could reference the ArchLinux Newbie Guide

Q) I've found an error with package X, what should I do?

A) First you need to figure out if this error is something the Arch team can fix. Sometimes it's not (that firefox crash may be the fault of the Mozilla team) - this is called an upstream error. If it is an Arch problem, there are a series of steps you can take:

  1. Search the forums for information. See if anyone else has noticed it.
  2. Notify the package maintainer. Try a "pacman -Qi <package name>" for this info.
  3. Post a bug report, with detailed information at
  4. Write a forum post if you'd like, detailing the problem and the fact that you have reported it already. This will help prevent alot of people from reporting the same error.

Q) Will Arch have a database for pacman?

A) Possibly. There is discussion over the issue. Look at too.

Q) Pacman is slow! How can initial start times be improved?

A) See previous entry relating to a database backend for pacman. Only the first pacman run after a boot should be slow. After that, things are generally cached. Still, initial start time is an issue for some people. There is discussion on addressing this. If you are on ReiserFS, there are issues with fragmentation that slow down pacman more than necessary. See this thread for help:

Since version 2.9.6, the pacman package bundles a bash script called pacman-optimize that should help anyone experiencing slow start-up times.

Q) Arch packages need to use a unique naming convention. .pkg.tar.gz is too long, and or, confusing

A) This has been discussed on the Arch mailing list. Some proposed a .pac file extension. As far as is currently known, there is no plan to change the package extension. As Tobias Kieslich, one of the Arch devs, put it, "A package is a gzipped tarball! And it can be opened, investigated and manipulated by any tar capable application. Moreover, the mime-type is automatically detected correctly by most applications."

Q) Pacman needs a library so other applications can easily access package information

A) A library for pacman is in progress.

Q) Pacman needs a front-end

A) Did you read The Arch Way and ArchLinux and DevLand? The answer is basically that the Arch dev team will not be providing one. Feel free to use one of the user provided ones available. There is a nice list of them on the UserContributionsPage, in the links section. Once the library for pacman is done, it will be much easier to the various frontends to interact with Arch packages. Besides: This is not a Question but a statement. ;-)

Q) Pacman needs feature X!

A) Did you read TheArchWay and ArchLinux and Devland? The Arch philosophy is "Keep It Simple". If you think the idea has merit, and does not violate this simple litany, then by all means, discuss it on the forum here You might also like to check here, it's a place for feature requests if you find it is important.

ArchLinux нуждается в лучшем установщике. Возможно, с GUI.

Понятие "лучшего" установщика довольно субъективно. Самый лучший способ положить конец этим обсуждениям - это соотвествие установщика духу ArchLinux. Если мнение о лучшем установщике будет подкреплено более конкретно, то, возможно, примется во внимание для дальнейшего развития установщика.

ArchLinux нуждается в популяризации (то есть в рекламе)

Arch и так имеет достаточное количество прессы. Целью ArchLinux не ялвляется быть большим. Его цель быть хорошо сделанным. Пусть популярность растёт естественно. Попытка быстро увеличить её искусственным путём может привести лишь к проблемам.

ArchLinux нуждается в меньшей прессе

Так же, как говорилось выше, не пытайтесь ограничить естественный рост. Чем больше количество пользователей, тем больше количество разработчиков ArchLinux. Это может привести к некоторым организационным проблемам "сверху", но давайте решать проблемы по мере их поступления.

Arch нуждается в большем количестве разработчиков

Может, и так. Не стесняйтесь уделять своё время! Посещайте форумы, IRC каналы, списки рассылки и смотрите, что может быть сделано. Всегда есть потребность в документации, смотрите запросы на требуемые страницы.

Q) Arch needs a stable package branch

A) COMMENT: "For me, In short, Arch is Rock-solid enough."

REPLY: It depends on what type of work we use our machine for. For example, in office work we don't want our printer to stop working. In multimedia work our cd burner must function. Web developers need functional ftp clients. Currently I am annoyed with kde-3.4 because I lost all my bookmarks in kbear (ftp). New bookmarks cannot be saved.

SOLUTION: There is a release repo which is stable, though not supporting all packages. There are thoughts of including all major packages (kde, gnome, etc).

Read more:

Q) Arch needs more documentation

A) Documentation does not occur ex-nihilo. After searching the forums, and the wiki, if you cannot find the documentation you require, try creating it. Start a page on the wiki, and post in the forums regarding it. Likely other people have experience in the area, or are at least willing to help. If nobody does, don't be discouraged. When you finish your documentation, other people will likely find it an extremely valuable resource. There is always a need for documentation, see DocumentRequests for anything pending.

Q) Arch needs to be more "newbie" friendly

A) Before we start a discussion about newbie-friendliness, we first need to define "newbie-friendliness". Please refer to the Question about a better installer.

Q) Newbies are annoying. Make them go away.

A) <Philosophical discussion> Part of being human is accepting others being human too. </Philosophical discussion>

The best way to cope with newbies is not to judge them beforehand. Somebody may have a common problem, even if they have read the docs; everybody misses sometimes. Shouting at them will not help. Use your best behaviour and ignore people you don't like instead of starting a fight.

Newbies are best helped in guiding them to find the right information. Especially newbies that come from windows may have a hard time finding information; it's not always in the place they would expect. Compare it to finding the right word for the right job: you can ask your teacher to look up a certain word for you, and you'll always forget what it means. However, if you look up the word for yourself in a dictionary, you'll never forget it for the rest of your life.

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