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== 2012 ==
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=== Attendees ===
* Dieter Plaetinck (fri,sat,sun)
* Roman Kyrylych (fri, sat, sun, mon)
* Bas Pape (fri, sat, sun)
* Tom Willemsen (sat, sun)
* Thomas Jost (fri, sat, sun)
* Ruben De Smet ([perhaps sat,] sun)
* Jan (prometheus) (fri, sat, sun)
* Dennis (the_metalgamer) (fri, sat, sun)
* Marc (trollchen) (fri, sat, sun)
* Dominik Heidler + Bernhard (fri,sat,sun) (openQA talk - probably Sat 15:45)
* Axilleas P (thu,fri,sat,sun,mon)
* Tom Gundersen (fri,sat,sun)
* Thomas Bächler (sat,sun)
* Jan Steffens (fri,sat,sun)
* Pierre Schmitz (fri,sat,sun)
* Thomas Hocedez (astHrO) (sat, sun?)
* Anntoin Wilkinson (thur, fri, sat, sun)
* Martin Peres (fri, sat, sun) (X.org dev room, sweat shirt archlinux)
* Romain Schmitz (fri, sat, sun)
* Timothée Ravier (Siosm) (fri, sat, sun)
=== Meetup info ===
==== Meeting points ====
* downtown meeting point: [http://g.co/maps/d7xwp entrance of "galerie ravenstein", at the central station].
* FOSDEM meeting point: at the door of the [http://fosdem.org/2012/schedule/room/h1301 Cross Distribution Devroom H.1301]
==== Meetups ====
* Friday afternoon: some guys will do some sightseeing (or suggest something else).  Everybody will probably arrive at different times so maybe meeting up at this stage is not convenient/suitable.  However if you're interested, post here at which point you could make it to the downtown meeting point and maybe a meetup can be arranged
** Jan Steffens (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 13:35)
** Pierre Schmitz (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 13:35)
** Roman Kyrylych (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 11:51)
** Tom Gundersen (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 14:17)
* Friday evening: meetup downtown @ 7PM at the downtown meeting point.  We'll go out for dinner (made reservation @bigmama 7:15) and afterwards drinks. We'll visit the [http://fosdem.org/2012/beerevent FOSDEM beer event] but it's usually insanely overcrowded so we'll probably go somewhere else.
** Jan Steffens
** Pierre Schmitz
** Roman Kyrylych
** prometheus (no asian food if possible, no offence ;))
** Dieter (no sushi)
** Anntoin Wilkinson (vegetarian) - bigmama or pizzahut would be fine though.
** Tom Gundersen
** the_metalgamer
** Romain Schmitz (added on Jan 30th, if I'm too late, my bad ;-) )
* Saturday evening: meetup at the FOSDEM meeting point @ 7:15PM (last talks end at 7PM)
** no sure yet what to do. another drinks/dinner?
*** Jan Steffens
*** Pierre Schmitz
*** Roman Kyrylych
*** Dieter (no sushi)
*** Anntoin Wilkinson
*** Thomas (no healthy food whatsoever)
*** Tom Gundersen
** [http://hackerspace.be/ByteNight_%282012%29 ByteNight], a party for FOSDEM organized by the local hackerspace (with food & drinks)
*** Romain Schmitz
=== restaurants under consideration ===
if you really don't like something on this list, please mention.
maybe we'll do a restaurant on saturday and friday evening, or a restaurant and a fast food place?
* http://www.bigmama.be/ recommended by a guy on IRC. various dishes.
* pizzahut @ beursplein
== 2014 ==
=== Attendees ===
=== Meetup info ===
==== Meeting points ====
* downtown meeting point: [http://g.co/maps/d7xwp entrance of "galerie ravenstein", at the central station].
==== Meetups ====

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