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  • Dieter Plaetinck (fri,sat,sun)
  • Roman Kyrylych (fri, sat, sun, mon)
  • Bas Pape (fri, sat, sun)
  • Tom Willemsen (sat, sun)
  • Thomas Jost (fri, sat, sun)
  • Ruben De Smet (sat[, perhaps sun])
  • Jan (prometheus) (fri, sat, sun)
  • Dennis (the_metalgamer) (fri, sat, sun)
  • Marc (trollchen) (fri, sat, sun)
  • Dominik Heidler + Bernhard (fri,sat,sun) (openQA talk - probably Sat 15:45)
  • Axilleas P (thu,fri,sat,sun,mon)
  • Tom Gundersen (fri,sat,sun)
  • Thomas Bächler (sat,sun)
  • Jan Steffens (fri,sat,sun)
  • Pierre Schmitz (fri,sat,sun)
  • Thomas Hocedez (astHrO) (sat, sun?)
  • Anntoin Wilkinson (thur, fri, sat, sun)
  • Martin Peres (fri, sat, sun) ( dev room, sweat shirt archlinux)


  • Romain Schmitz - looking for a low-budget room

Meetup info

Meeting points


  • Friday afternoon: some guys will do some sightseeing (or suggest something else). Everybody will probably arrive at different times so maybe meeting up at this stage is not convenient/suitable. However if you're interested, post here at which point you could make it to the downtown meeting point and maybe a meetup can be arranged
    • Jan Steffens (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 13:35)
    • Pierre Schmitz (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 13:35)
    • Roman Kyrylych (arrival Bruxelles-Midi 11:51)
  • Friday evening: meetup downtown @ 7PM at the downtown meeting point. We'll go out for dinner and afterwards drinks. We'll visit the FOSDEM beer event but it's usually insanely overcrowded so we'll probably go somewhere else.
    • Jan Steffens
    • Pierre Schmitz
    • Roman Kyrylych
    • prometheus (no asian food if possible, no offence ;))
    • Dieter (no sushi)
  • Saturday evening: meetup at the FOSDEM meeting point @ 7:15PM (last talks end at 7PM) @ no sure yet what to do. another drinks/dinner?
    • Jan Steffens
    • Pierre Schmitz
    • Roman Kyrylych
    • Dieter (no sushi)

restaurants under consideration

if you really don't like something on this list, please mention. maybe we'll do a restaurant on saturday and friday evening, or a restaurant and a fast food place?