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安装fvwm ahclinux上可以选择三种fvwm版本,stable,unstable,和pached.Stable当前版本为2.4.20(2006年12月6日发布),stable足够健壮但缺乏一些更多的特性相比于“unstable”版

Install stable fvwm with the following command:

# pacman -S fvwm 

Unstable release is of version 2.5.28, which has been released quite recently (20-Sep-2009). Although it is called unstable, but it has no stability issues at all. To install it:

# pacman -S fvwm-devel

The commands above will install the official version of the WM. However, if you want/need to use some more features than it provides, you can install the patched version fvwm-patched from the AUR.

or, if you have archlinuxfr (see Unofficial user repositories) added to your pacman.conf:

# pacman -S fvwm-patched

One should not mix fvwm window manager and the project FVWM-Crystal, which can be also found in Arch repositories.