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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[http://fbpanel.sourceforge.net/ Official Website]
*[http://aanatoly.github.io/fbpanel/ Official Website]

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fbpanel is a lightweight NETWM compliant desktop panel. This article describes the installation and configuration of fbpanel.


Install the fbpanel package from the official repositories.


If you want to start fbpanel with your X session, add the following line to your .xinitrc, before the line where you start your window manager.

fbpanel &


You can find the configuration file in ~/.config/fbpanel

If it doesn't exist, copy over the default configuration file:

# mkdir ~/.config/fbpanel
# cp /usr/share/fbpanel/default ~/.config/fbpanel

wincmd plugin (show desktop button)

This plugin is enabled by default, but it might not show up because it cannot find an existing icon. In that case, change the icon path to one that points to an existing icon. You can also use an image as its icon. In that case, replace the "icon" key with "image".

Plugin {
   type = wincmd
   config {
       image = ~/images/my_image.png
       tooltip = Left click to iconify all windows. Middle click to shade them.

See also