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fbsplash (formerly gensplash) is a userspace implementation of a splash screen for Linux systems. It provides a graphical environment during system boot using the Linux framebuffer layer.

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Install fbsplash with yaourt, or grab the fbsplash package from AUR and build and install it with makepkg.

Initscripts Extras

You will need something to control fbsplash while booting and shutting down the machine. Install the initscripts-extras-fbsplash package from the AUR.


Install one or more of the Fbsplash theme packages found when searching the AUR for 'fbsplash'

Note, that the package fbsplash doesn't include a theme anymore.

Suspend to Disk

If you want suspend to disk with Fbsplash, install the uswsusp-fbsplash package from the AUR. For more info have a look at Suspend_to_Disk#Uswsusp_method. Additionally there is support for using a Fbsplash theme in the tuxonice-userui package for those using a kernel with the TuxOnIce patch.


Kernel Command Line

Add something like this to your kernel command line (in such a file like /boot/grub/menu.lst or /etc/lilo.conf). For screen resolution 1024x768 :

logo.nologo quiet console=tty1 vga=792 splash=silent,theme:arch-banner-icons,fadein,fadeout

For other resolutions have a look at Framebuffer#Framebuffer_resolution.

Remove all "vga=" and "video=" options from your kernel commandline if you use KMS:

logo.nologo quiet console=tty1 splash=silent,theme:arch-banner-icons,fadein,fadeout

Configuration files

Put one or more of the themes you installed into /etc/conf.d/fbsplash :

SPLASH_THEMES="arch-black arch-banner-icons arch-banner-noicons"

Add fbsplash to your DAEMONS array in rc.conf:

DAEMONS=(... fbsplash gpm gdm)

Since this is responsible for stopping the splash daemon, it must appear before Xorg is started. So if you have a display manager in your DAEMONS, put it right before it or otherwise at the end. Don't prefix it with '@'.

Starting Fbsplash early in the initcpio

Add fbsplash to the HOOKS=() array in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf :

HOOKS=(base udev fbsplash ...)

Note: Udev is needed to detect any Fbcondecor patched kernel to avoid starting the Fbcondecor helper twice (visible repaint of the splash screen) and to load any modules needed (KMS).

Rebuild your initcpio via mkinitcpio. See the Mkinitcpio article.

Console backgrounds

If you have a kernel that supports Fbcondecor, you can get nice graphical console backgrounds beside the splash screen. Just search the AUR for fbcondecor