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Firefox is an open source web browser from Mozilla. The Firefox package in Archlinux is compiled without official branding. This means when you start Firefox it will use a blue globe for it's icon and will be named after it's release series' codename. This has to be done because a distribution may only use the trademarked and copy written parts of Firefox with permission from Mozilla.

Re-Enable Branding

If you would like to enable branding or simple change the user agent there are a fews ways to do it.


We will use the ABS to rebuild Firefox. Make sure you have cvsup and wget installed. Now run


If this is your first time running abs it may take awhile. Subsequent run will be much shorter. Before you make any custom package you should run abs. Now perform the following.

 mkdir /var/abs/local/firefox
 cp /var/abs/networking/firefox/* /var/abs/local/firefox
 cd /var/abs/local/firefox

Now use your favorite editor and open the mozconfig file. Add the following line to the end of the file.

ac_add_options --enable-official-branding

Save and exit, then run

md5sum mozconfig

Copy the string and then open the PKGBUILD file. Now look at the source and md5sums arrays. You can match up the md5sum to the file by comparing these two. In the most recent version of Firefox, Mozconfig is second on the sources list. So we would modify the second md5sum with the string we obtained earlier. The md5sum order is read from left to right. Now scroll down and look for these two lines, they will most likely be the last two lines.

install -m644 ${startdir}/src/mozilla/browser/app/default.xpm ${startdir}/pkg/opt/mozilla/lib/firefox/chrome/icons/default/
install -m644 ${startdir}/src/mozilla/browser/app/default.xpm ${startdir}/pkg/opt/mozilla/lib/firefox/icons/

Replace them with the following

install -m644 ${startdir}/src/mozilla/dist/branding/default.xpm ${startdir}/pkg/opt/mozilla/lib/firefox/chrome/icons/default/
install -m644 ${startdir}/src/mozilla/dist/branding/default.xpm ${startdir}/pkg/opt/mozilla/lib/firefox/icons/ 

Save and exit then run


This may take some time depending on your system. Once it has created the package remove your current version of Firefox if you have it installed.

pacman -Rd firefox

Then install the new version with

pacman -A firefox-*.pkg.tar.gz

You may also try upgrading your current Firefox with.

pacman -U firefox-*.pkg.tar.gz

Ofcourse replace * with your version number.


Advanced Configuration