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The FreeSWITCH telephony engine is a powerful system enabling voice, video, presence, chat, and other media types via a variety of protocols.


The 'release' version of FreeSWITCH is available in the AUR as 'freeswitch'. The preferred version to run, however, is the git head from You can install FreeSWITCH from git head using the AUR package 'freeswitch-git' The following instructions assume you are using the freeswitch-git package.

Using Packer # packer -S freeswitch-git

Manually # cd /tmp; wget; cd freeswitch-git; makepkg -si

Whichever install method you choose, you may wish to configure FreeSWITCH build options. Open the PKGBUILD with your favorite editor when prompted by your AUR helper¸ or before 'makepkg -si' if installing manually. Edit any BUILD CONFIGURATION options to suit your desired usage.

Note to FreeSWITCH users: Editing the PKGBUILD will configure both modules.conf and autoload\_configs/modules.conf.xml according to the modules listed in ENABLED_MODULES and DISABLED_MODULES.