Fujitsu Siemens Pa 2510

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Processor: AMD Athlon64 X2 TK55 
Harddisk : 160Gb Harddisk
Graphics : integrated Ati Xpress X1200
Display  : 1280x800 LCD
Ports  : 3 USB ports, Expresscard Slot
Network  : Realtek Ethernet, Atheros 5007eg, AC'97 Modem


See the Beginner's Guide for details

Using the ATI Catalyst driver

pacman -S catalyst

Using the open source driver

You have the choice between the radeon and radeonhd driver. However you need a new DRM Kernel Module to get direct rendering. The new DRM module should be included in Kernel 2.6.26 so either updgrade or get the libdrm-git package from AUR. You should also install XOrg Server from git using the xorg-server-git package from AUR. (this will take some time). Dont forget xf86-input-mouse-git and xf86-input-keyboard-git.

Search AUR for xf86-video-ati-git and use this driver. The easyest way is propaply yaourt for installing the driver.

I'm getting arround 500fps in glxgears. (950fps with catalyst)

For more information visit for driver updates


Works out of the box. Don't forget to add your user to the audio group.

Check here for more info about how to set up sound:


Access to devices

Add user to groups (given you have created a user):

gpasswd -a username video
gpasswd -a username optical
gpasswd -a username storage
gpasswd -a username audio

Wireless LAN

The Atheros AR5007 currently doesnt work out of the box with madwifi. but it works using a patch. Read
Read for details.

The easy way

Please download the following Package from AUR: Madwifi with new HAL in AUR

You need to unrar the Package, type makepkg and then install the new build package (pacman -A madwifi-xxxxx-i686.tar.gz) Or (using yaourt) yaourt -S madwifi-newhal-git.

Now your wlan card should be recognised. Maybe you should also blacklist the ath5k kernel module by adding "!ath5k" into the modules section in /etc/rc.conf

A bit more complicated but also working (only for 32bit systems)

The madwifi package with included patch can be downloaded from:
After downloading:
Untar the package

tar xvf madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz

change into the madwifi folder

cd madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007

compile madwifi



make install

then add ath_pci and wlan to your modules section in rc.conf


work in progress


works out of the box using the r8169 module.



Monitor out

not tested


The buttons for the led brightness didn't work until I added


to grub.

Card slots

testet with Memorystickn and Sdcard


add "powernow_k8" to the modules section in rc.conf

for frequency scaling you should search the wiki for laptop-mode-tools.


to ram

to disk