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For GNOME 3, the GNOME Project has started from scratch and created a completely new, modern desktop designed for today's users and technologies. In GNOME 3:

  • There is a new default modern visual theme and font
  • The Activities view which provides an easy way to access all your windows and applications
  • Built-in (integrated) messaging desktop services
  • A more subtle notifications' system and a more discreet panel
  • A fast Activities' search feature
  • A new System Settings application
  • ... and more features like: window tiling (Aero Snap like), an improved Nautilus etc.

Enabling hidden features

Gnome 3.0 hides a lot of useful options and you have to use dconf-editor to customize them. Firstly be sure that at-spi2-{core,atk} are not installed because dconf-editor will crash if accessibility is enabled (needs more information about how do disable this without removing the packages)

Change font

font-name: FontName size
use-custom-font: checked

Font Rendering

antialiasing: rgba
dpi: 96
hinting: slight

"Lid is close" action


active: checked
lid-close-ac-action: none or blank. The default action is to suspend