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[[ Grand Unified Boot Loader (grub) |]]

grub-install -root-directory Mount-Point (hdn)

Installs grub into the MBR of a hard disc. The option gives the path to the kernel-image, if it is not in /, f.e. in /boot.
(hdn) is a disc, where n is the number of the disc, starting with 0.


 grub-install --root-directory=/boot '(hd0)'
 grub-install /dev/hda

Configuration file: /boot/grub/menu.lst

  • (hdn,m) is the partition m on disc n, numbers starting with 0
  • splashimage (hdn,m)/grub/Name.xpm.gz is the splash-image-file
  • default n is the default boot entry, that is choosen after timout for user action
  • timeout m time m to wait in seconds for a user selection, before default is booted
  • password -md5 str encrypted boot password 'str'
  • title str title string 'str' for a boot entry
  • root (hdn,m) base partition, where the kernel is stored to
  • kernel /path ro root=/dev/device initrd /initrd.img use the root option, if the kernel not placed in /
  • makeactive
    chainloader +1
    sets root active and gives booting procedure to its boot-loader (for Windows, f.e.)
  • map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    changes primary and secondary disc for a boot, necessary to boot Windows from a secondary disc
  • root (hdn,m,z)
    kernel /boot/loader
    boots the FreeBSD-Partition x
  • default saved remebers each current boot selection and makes it the new default. Place \"savedefault\" at the end of each boot section, for that you want this feature shall be used.

Don't forget to remove lilo with pacman -R lilo, as some tasks (f.e. kernel compilation using make all) will make a lilo call, and then lilo is installed over grub.


  • If you are having problems like grub freezing when you do a grub install, use the command abs to get the PKGBUILS of the arch base packages and then use the command as root:
cd /var/abs/base/grub/

Read also Grub configure examples